Professional time-management-systems by TimePunch

TimePunch – your specialist for attendance and project time tracking.

Since 2012 the TimePunch KG offers professional software and hardware for time recording for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as for freelancers and the self-employed. Our company slogan is “TRACKING PROGRESS NOT ONLY HOURS”. We want that our solutions help our clients to advance their businesses, and to capture not only the pure hours. For us it’s important, that our software is easy and flexible to use.

Time tracking software for medium-sized companies

Medium-sized companies will benefit by TimePunch from a modern software for time & attendance management with time-recording terminal and RFID ID Cards or keyrings as well as a Project-time recording at the own PC.

The personell time-recording with TimePunch is very easy

Each employee receives an RFID ID card or keyring with that one can book come and go times. Smoking breaks can be detected just as easily as service course or training. On request, TimePunch checks every day whether the given breaks have been respected and if not books any missing breaks.

Flexible work-time recording remotely or on-site

Regardless, whether working on-site in the company or remotely in your home office, thanks to the client installation by TimePunch every employee can book directly his time on the PC. Permission groups protect the employer thereby tampering of the working hours. Sick days, holidays and other absences can be maintained by the human resources department clear and easy.

Advantages for medium-sized companies
  • With TimePunch you meet the working time recording duty prescribed by the legislature.
  • You can realize flexible working time models and offer a family-friendly workplace for your employees.
  • The working time is fair and equal for each employee. This ensures a good working atmosphere.
  • Companies save money by paying only for the real working time.
  • Companies generate additional revenue through more billable hours.

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Time-recording for small business

The demands on small businesses are getting bigger. In the minimum wage requirements for small businesses, has risen since the introduction of the minimum wage law (MiLoG, Germany) extremely.

Proof of the working day

To fulfill the accountability to the legislature, TimePunch offers proof of the daily working time. This report can be printed out at any time for all employees and includes all the data that are necessary for a review by customs.

No own infrastructure necessary

TimePunch TEN needs only a PC with Windows 7, 8 or 10 for execution. The data is stored locally on the workstation PC or a NAS. This facilitates the installation, setup of TimePunch TEN and allows the use of a comfortable time recording on a single PC.

Benefits for small businesses
  • TimePunch TEN is used to meet the accountability standards of the minimum wage Act (MiLog, Germany)
  • There are no additional investment in new and expensive hardware.
  • The working time is fair and equal for each employee record. This ensures a good working atmosphere.
  • No new license cost, if time-recording should be extended to new employees.

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TimePunch Arbeitszeit

Time-recording for freelancer and self-employed

Freelancers and self-employed work much and most of the time even more. It is only fair to settle this time also to the customer. With TimePunch becomes it very easy to proof your own workload to the customer.

Knowledge workers need an easy time tracking

It should be no science to capture the own working time. We know that. The TimePunch Watcher is installed directly in the system tray of Windows and waits there for the beginning of the project. The stopwatch allows to start a new activity directly. The entries can be associated directly to a project and a customer. At the end, clear project accountings and work-time reports are available.

Time recording directly on the smartphone

TimePunch mobile is a free Smartphone app for iOS, Android, and Windows phone with that the working time can be captured directly on your Smartphone. The working time recording will go to the simplest thing in the world. Thanks to the easy synchronization, if necessary the data can be copied and used for accounting on the PC.

Advantages for freelancer and self-employed
  • Easy recording of working time and mapping project and customer.
  • Clear project accountings that can be used directly as an attachment to the invoice.
  • Also small works can be recorded directly through the TimePunch Watcher and associated with the customer.
  • Using the Smartphone App TimePunch mobile working hours can also be captured on the go.

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