At what times are employees allowed to work? This question is as important as the question for the regular working hours.

What advantage has an enterprise if the employees are already at 6 o`clock in the office, but the work can`t start before 8 o`clock? Are the staff members allowed to work after eight? Overtime can easily increased at the expense of the enterprise. Only the definition of the common working hour window of an enterprise can solve such problems.

By using the TimePunch Cutter the working hour window can be defined obligatorily. The Cutter checks every night, if the working time complies to the working hour window. If this is not the case, the times gets cut to the allowed working time and the reduction gets added to a protocol.

With that utility it`s always traceable, by which staff member the working hour window has not been respected.

Uebersicht Rahmenarbeitszeiten

The overview lists all active working-hour-windows.

Rahmenarbeitszeiten bearbeiten

The TimePunch Cutter is available as a module for the TimePunch Application Server.