Thanks to the perfect integration, Timepunch online is an ideal complement for your time recording in the company.

Timepunch Online also allows field staff, customer service and employees who do not work at the company’s premises to record working time directly. The integration with the Timepunch application server eliminates the need for synchronization. The times are available directly for evaluation.

TimePunch Stoppuhr TimePunch Stoppuhr

By Timepunch Online It is possible, for example, that employees perceive an away date at the customer and then log out on the smartphone without having to enter the company again. It would also be possible to provide customer orders for customer service representatives. These can book the times directly in Timepunch online.

Of course, the online module also offers a desktop view so that the times can also be recorded on the tablet.

Timepunch Online is available as a module for installation in the application server. Online registration can be used with a TimePunch PRO license or a dedicated timepunch online license.