Our software is a two way street. Because TimePunch offers a programmable interface, which allows you to combine your software solutions with TimePunch.

It does not matter what programming language your organization uses internally. TimePunch provides a SOAP interface, which can be used by transparent in all environments. The API is well documented and will be continuously developed and maintained.

Some small examples for what the API can be used:

  • Automatic export time entries to the used accounting system.
  • Connect projects and tasks in TimePunch directly with your project management.
  • Create holiday entries automatically after the approval by internal workflow.
  • Automatic start time recording for specific events, E.g. telephone calls
  • Import the working hours from a legacy system.

… and even more.

The Clou
The API will be installed with the TimePunch application server free of charge and can be used directly.


TimePunch API This image shows the TimePunch API as it is integrated in the TimePunch Application Server.