TimePunch PRO is our modular timesheet for your business – whether you are looking for a project time recording or a mere Time and Attendance.

TimePunch PRO is built on the modular principle. That means, you use only the modules that you really need.

As modern Time & Attendance:

The simple connection of Datafox time recording terminals to TimePunch PRO is perfect for Time and Attendance with Check-In, Short-Trip and Check-Out entries. Alternatively TimePunch also log work time on the PC.

The software impresses with flexible working hours, flexitime accounts and the ability to manage teams and departments, as well as leave requests to edit online.

For a transparent project time recording:

In TimePunch projects with fixed hourly rates and hours quotas can be created and managed per employee.

The recording is performed with a mouse click on the TimePunch Watcher directly on the PC of the employee. This waiting in the system tray of Windows on the project postings. The captured data can be analyzed immediately by the project. Alternatively, the times can also be recorded via smartphone app.

To order time recording:

Customer orders can be managed well in TimePunch. Once deposited, the orders can be directly selected and booked from the workshop in TimePunch Studio.

For the accounting meaningful analyzes and reports are available to choose from. The accounting always has access to the latest data of the customer.

For more transparency

For planning and controlling are various overviews and reporting capabilities in various data and export variants. Time recording itself is carried out for your employees as comfortable as individually: on your own PC or laptop, via terminal or via a smartphone on the go.

TimePunch PRO offers the following features:

  • Time tracking at PC or Terminal
  • Employee Management incl. Vacation Planning
  • Flexitime accounts and overtime management
  • Monthly reports incl. target/actual comparison
  • Wide range of PM features
  • Export to Excel and PDF
  • e.t.c.