about us

Our philosophy

Due to innovative new work models and life styles the definition of “time” has changed. Until a few years ago, there had always been a clear distinction between one’s private and career lives. But these distinctions have largely disappeared.

Because of this new paradigm, the game has changed. And a new modular approach in software that can address the various time-tracking models and requirements becomes necessary.

Here’s where we come in. We offer a time recording solution that fits your needs. And our slogan – Tracking progress, not just hours – reinforces that concept. We’ve crafted our solution to help advance your organization overall, and not to just track time.

In the modern workplace, where employees learn through constant challenges, it’s important to hold on to that knowledge. That’s why in TimePunch you can assign your time to specific projects and tasks to gain from what you’ve learned. And of course, you can use the data as a basis for things like maintaining a knowledgebase of solutions as well as invoicing.

Talk to us. We will find a solution that fit your organization.