Contact us

We see ourselves as a direct contact for all questions concerning time recording. We would therefore be pleased to provide you with our expertise directly and by telephone.


If you would like to receive a concrete offer for TimePunch, please contact our friendly and competent contact person Mr. Dominic Harreus directly.

Mr. Dominic Harreus

Phone: +49 (6206) – 9120742


For technical questions concerning the installation, configuration and use of TimePunch, please contact our friendly and competent customer support Mr. Konstantin Baljuk.

Mr. Konstantin Baljuk

Phone: +49 (6206) – 9120740


If you need answers to complex problems, Mr. Gerhard Stephan is always available as your contact person.

Mr. Gerhard Stephan

Phone: +49 (6206) – 9124731


If you have any questions about your invoice or order, Mrs. Tanja Stephan will always be happy to help you.

Mrs. Tanja Stephan

Phone: +49 (6206) – 9124730