Not everything can be explained by itself. Therefore, we collected the answers to the most important questions of our customers on this page for you.

TimePunch Licenses

How many licenses are required?

You’ll need a license for each employee who uses TimePunch, regardless of the PC used by the employee.

License distribution with multiple sites

It is advisable for each site to order their own TimePunch licenses. Example: A Headquarter with 20 employees and 5 field representatives that uses TimePunch on their laptop. In that case 20 licenses in one block for everyone in the Sales Department and 5 single licenses (per 1ne field staff) should be ordered. In complicate cases such like this, we accept the order also directly by email or viĆ” phone in order to avoid doubled input in the online shop for you.

Do I have to license TimePunch again when TimePunch 3.0 will be released?

That depends on the license type. The TimePunch subscriptions are independent from the used version and include all updates from TimePunch. The time-unlimited licenses, for instance 1.x or 2.x always apply to a major version. When TimePunch 3.0 appears, an update is therefore necessary. Existing customers get these updates naturally at a bargain price.

TimePunch Mobile

Which smartphones are supported?

At the moment TimePunch mobile is available for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

How is the data synchronized with TimePunch ONE and PRO?

We offer a free TimePunch time synchronization service. Data can be send directly from TimePunch Mobile over a secure SSL connection to the synchronization service caching and can be downloaded with TimePunch ONE or PRO again.

Where is my data stored when synchronizing?

We use the azure cloud services from Microsoft in order to cache the data. Through the use of encrypted SSL, the data connection is safely and for third parties not visible. Additionally, all data will be deleted after 14 days at latest unless they were not previously downloaded by the user.

TimePunch PRO

What are the requirements to use TimePunch PRO in a multi-user environment?

TimePunch PRO requires a Microsoft SQL Server version 2008 for centralized data storage. Should no appropriate database be available in your company, you can simply contact us. We can purchase, setup and install it for you on request.

Is there a free alternative to the Microsoft SQL Server?

Shall TimePunch be used in a small environment, the installation of the free Microsoft SQL Server Express is sufficient. However, the standard version of Microsoft SQL Server is recommended to achieve optimum performance.

What about Microsoft Access?

We don’t recommend to use Microsoft Access as a database operation system in a multi-user environment. Data security and performance can not be ensured in such an environment.

What about other database systems?

Other database systems, e.g. MySQL or Postgres are not supported by TimePunch.

How can teams in different locations work together?

For cooperation between teams in different locations, we recommend setting up a VPN network to allow direct access to the SQL Server.